So, my yuzu is crashing on shader loading when I try to play MHGU (Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate) with a 60 fps mod activated, but if I deactivate. Restarting over and over again and letting it build a couple of shaders each time got the game to run, but as soon as I tried fast traveling it crashed again.


However, if you are still facing the issue, you can delete the.

. In the terminal, run flatpak run --command=sh --devel org. 0.

Every time I try to launch Tears of the Kingdom Yuzu freezes and crashes moments later.

6, 5. Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy have released Update 1. 6, 5.

I'll try next time to push it a bit far, and run it on 4K instead of 2k!Edit: so, I managed to get ZERO crashes so far when I turned the CPU option to Accura. .

Description of Issue.

See above.

. Make sure you have nothing in your Yuzu main > shader folder and compile shaders yourself.

. The emulator crashed before I reached the ground.



Originally posted by Sir Fondlebottom: To fix the stuck on Prewarming Shaders issue, doing the following should resolve it: 1.

com/file/in7rpf60ai75ebz/keys_file_. Vulkan / 1. May 18, 2023 · What's weird is that I can play botw or the intro of totk in the cave with zelda but can"t load the open world.

why is my yuzu crashing when i try to open zelda tears of the kingdom?. several ReShade versions (4. . I have no mods installed, any help is. 0.

Inside your user folder, unzip/extract the contents of the Title & Prod Keys archive as well as the Mod Folder.

Last working version is EA 3600 (though as I said similar crashes do happen rarely, last version without crash was EA 3589). May 17, 2023 · Yuzu Settings.

Expected Behavior.


Maide found that there were some Vulkan shaders that crashed the GPU driver when they were compiled.


1, 5.